Sari looks at herself at the mirror. Granted. Sari looks different from years when she was in high school 15 years ago. It means that it is impossible Anton will recognize her when Anton see her later in conference room and sit beside her for almost seven hours in three days. Besides, Sari will use her friend’s name. Alana, since she replaces  her position in this conference as a participant. She recalled her friend request that day when she knew she got her first twelve days off after working her butt of for almost 7 years! Yeah, she still has 9 days left for lazying around in her small cozy rented house in Way dadi. Isn't it wonderful? She considered her coming to the conference as only a participant will not break a single sweat of her. Perhaps, it is like walking in the park. Peace of cake! Until she has seen who is the person with whom she will be seated. Nope. She refuses to back down and gives in her  ticket to enjoy the conference and the new experience she believes she will get. Because it is the first time she spent the night in this beautiful hotel, though she often came and visited it for certain events. She decided that spending a night here will embark her new spirit. She hoped so. In short, Anton is a pale comparison to her plans. He was nothing. 


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