3 Tips to Speak English

Kelvin and Daffa. My students who still have problems in learning process

Learning is a hardship. You'll find obstacles in your way to get your target done. To make it worse, we often postpone what should be done now and then. 

It's natural since we thought we had all the time in the world. Then, since our opinions and feelings matter, we do nothing to cope with our biggest nemesis. Laziness. This one word makes such a fuss my whole life.

Anyway, I've done what I can to cope with it. That's why I think I should write these 3 Tips to Speak English in English. It's not to show off my learning curve. It's only to prove myself I can do what I want to do when I want it. 

And, I think you should try too. It's freeing. Trust me!

To make it easier, I think you have to do it one step at a time. Then, I am sure you'll enjoy the process. 

About me and my teaching struggle

As an English teacher at a private vocational school, I  found many difficulties in doing my job. Teaching vocational students is a struggle, especially when you know that most students motivation to enroll in the school is only to get a certificate. They don't care about the subjects they think are irrelevant to the skills they need in the workplace.

To make it much more challenging, I sometimes don't get enough support from my colleagues and student's parents.

But, still..I know that the show must go on..

Why we need to learn English?

You know that after a few years teaching English in SMK, sometimes I meet alumni in the store or market. They said they now work in formal and informal field. Alhamdulillah. Well, as far as I remember, most vocational alumni will have a job or two to help earning money for their family. 

And, they said it's hard to earn money when your skills set are not good enough. It is include English communication skills. 

So, they regret their lack of motivation in learning English when they were at school.

"I wish I could turn back the time and learn diligently. Then, I could have a better job." 

I only smile and wish them the best. I said to them, 

"It's better late than never. You still can learn autodidact. You can also take English courses  online or offline. There are many options as long as you really want it."

They, then, thank me for my insights. Though I know life is not getting easier. When we face real life, sometimes we don't have many choices. 

I know that money sometimes become a reason why my students can't cope with their learning barriers among other problems. But, when we focus on problem, we can't go anywhere and get stuck. Right?

And, I am afraid the scenario of life happens. We become desperate and do nothing and everything to survive. Ah, okay, I stop right here and there.. because I know it's a dark thought and you can call it overthinking. wkwk

Anyway, we must grab whatever chances we have now and do the best. No excuses are allowed.

That's why I give them some options to learn English. If they want it, I think they will take action fast. 

And, as a good teacher and a good learner, I also share them these 3 Tips to Speak English. 

3 Tips to Speak English

1. Dare. Take action now. Don't do it later, because later means you will never do it. You know that it often happens to me. I mean, I put off doing some plans I had in mind. Then, as a result, I have never done it. Lol.

2. Just say it now. Don't hesitate to express your feeling and thought now. You must understand that making mistakes is a process of learning. Though professionals make mistakes. So, no worries. 

3. Just focus on your goal. Don't think about what other people thoughts. Though people opinion matters, we need to focus on our target. You know, sometimes, the last people who supports you is the one closest to you. Strangers often give us more appreciation for our efforts. 

Don't worry. Speaking English is like another skills in life. We only need practice and commitment. 

English Courses you can take

Actually, I am a bit ashamed of myself. Why? Well, it's because I think I am not as good as I wanted to be. Sometimes, I think I am such a failure in teaching my students. 

Though, I know that's not because of the lack of my efforts. It's a matter of circumstances. And, I know it. I just need to make a peace of it.

That's why I now only focus on doing what I can to help my students. That is for example, joining CGP or taking English Courses in TBI  online. And, it's wonderful. 

I can meet new friends and great teacher. And, it gives me power to encourage my students. It is kind a mood booster for me. 

And, I can still feel the warmth of the class with Mr Jamie. Our English mentor. And I enjoy the learning process from the beginning until it lasts. Time run so fast at that time coz the teacher was cool! 

And, here goes what mbak Diah said,

"You need to get used to making English content. To sharpen your skills passively and actively in opinion, expression, or description article. Do it fun because each process has a meaning to improve your English skills."

Cool words, right?! If you want to have some experiences to learn English, you can try it too. 

Here is the contact info, if you are interested.

TBI Kelapa Gading

P: +62 858-8242-5835
E: infokg@tbi.co.id
Website : www.tbi.co.id
YouTube : The British Institute
Instagram : @tbikelapagading
Facebook : TBI Kelapa Gading

So, have fun learning, genks!


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