Here I thought about how life may turn out. It might have gone real bad to worse in a second. Who had known about it might as ignorant as it was. Well, I had to find out what life’s secrets by my own hand and head. Though, I had to keep my hands off of anything if I wanted everything is what it was. Yeah, I has bless and curse engulfed my hands when I touch it will be turned to be stoned. So, you may see my home now there many stoned I earned by mistake, my friends, my pets, my sibling, even my own grandparents. Luckily, I had not made my parent stoned. I smirked. Though, I really enjoyed looking at my stoned collection, I felt lonely deep inside because those stone couldn’t respond my emotions anytime I wanted. They only could transform into their original form on the second Friday night each months. My cursed hands trapped them into the stony form and of course they were very angry at me when they shift into real human in flesh. And I did not blame them. I blame myself for that too and wish I could join them by touching myself all the time. Of course, I did not work. I would not walk around if I made myself stoned. Wouldn’t I?
  I tapped my chin to pick up the smell around the air. My nose sniffed. Well, the aroma was so good my mouth watered. My feet came closer to the smells. Ah, but I forgot my gloves. Yeah, you know that I have developed my own glove that prevent me touch others by the skin. It turned out success and I was almost very happy to say the least. However, how could I take and eat the food if my gloves were so big and thick. I could not even touch and feel my face. But, if by wearing it means I don’t bring harm to others I will happily bear it. I will endure this torment for the rest of my life. What I have to find out now is that how to make those stoned to its real form.
After a long search and experiments, I know that I can make them cure by two ways. Having children or killing myself. Since that second option is never an option because no matter how bad and ugly my life is I still want to life and survive no matter what. So, it left me the first option.
The problem was I never knew a girl who really wanted me or at least eager to touch me. Yeah, maybe I forgot to tell you that my face was super ugly. My skin was very dark and rough. My left eye was red and my right eye was blue. And if you said that that was sexy you must think again since nothing sexy about my eyes. Luckily, I have a normal nose and lips. Though my face as so dark as night fall you can’t see it for long but feel your skin shiver or disgust, they are not as bad as satanic icon or anything. It was just normal. And I am very grateful. However, I still avoid looking at myself on the mirror as possible. So, tell me how it was possible to find any girl when you cannot afford looking at your reflection. But somehow I needed to get the solution and fast.
I was sure there are many things that can allure people to do as we wish when we know how. It might be power, money or beauty. I then slumped myself deeper. I did not have those three. Well, not now. I knew that I can afford to get the first and the third without the second. Money. Yeah, money can buy anything and anyone only when you know to whom and where you use it. By time went, I convinced myself I have done anything in my power to sharpen my ability to gain what I needed. I had talent and curse to make things into stone and I made it for my interest and purpose.
My first step is searching the right girl to be the mother of my children. She doesn’t need to be pretty oe else. She just needed to be pure and kind in case my children inherit my curse. I did not want to create another monster. One is enough. I smiled. I imagined the beauty in my arm and the children played around my home. What a haven. I could die happy to see her smile and laugh. I felt her kindness warm my heart and soul. Brighten my darken days and night. Enlighten my spirit. And most important is purify my curse with her love. I sighed and drew my plan in the piece of paper. Draw my future wife. My world. My life. The world I started to breath in with hope and happiness. Though, I haven’t met her.
I put my drawing on the search engine and started my searching. I felt so nervous and anxious. I had never realized the benefit of having this technology but now. He scanned and swiped the screen a thousand times and found nothing until his red eyes brighten. He found her. His beauty. His body was rigid. His blue eye watered. He blinked several times. Now, it was time to meet her and see how beautiful she was inside out. Though he never expected she accepted his condition willingly. He would be damned if he had not worked his hardest to gain her trust and love. He surely believed that she must be a very young and wonderful in flesh. He then must prepare for the best for her.
After a long preparation, he rode to her home only to find a very old women and spiteful cats around her. This woman could not see and talk. She even could not walk and hear. Shortly to say, she was blind, mute, deaf and cripple. The bad news was she was the woman in the picture. You know that that picture was taken 80 years ago when she was 18 years old. She is now 98 years old. No wonder she looked so old. Other surprise is she had her husband picture that looks like him now!
How could I? I mean how could I love her and have children with her? He cursed his fate. Was it a twisted way fate played for me as karma for my crimes. How I paid it when the woman I supposed to love was nearly lost her self. She could not  Even if I survived and endured hers, how she bear with me and having my children to demolish my sin. Was it nature way to payback my  sins by making me her husband in the past and future.
“Hello there,” carefully I knelt down her. I saw her body stiffen and then relaxed. She blinked her wrinkled eyes. She closed and opened her eyes wide. I realized that she had the blackest eyes I had even seen. I felt myself drawn into it. It mesmerized me. Though I knew she could not see me. I smiled to imagine that a young beautiful woman sat in front of me. Ready to love and live with me for eternity. I sighed. Man could hope right? I might evil and ugly but I do hope my life will change and I had an opportunity to grasp the glimpse of my happiness and grab it. never let it slip of my hands ever.
I put my gloved hand over her skinny cat. It growled. “Hi, there too.” I saw a fainted smile crept upon her face.
“I am your future husband.” I said slowly. ” I am Bitter.” She was silent. I knew she tried to sink in the news. “So, now I want to take you to my home.”
She nodded. Her expression was full of questions. “Ah, you might wonder who am I and why I wanted you to become my wife? To be true, I did not know why I still kept doing it. I did not want to do it but I must do it to redeem my sins.” I took a deep breath. She was just silent. Honest, I was worried she could not hear my words. She was deaf right? She smiled and I took it as a cue to continue.
“ I was born by cursed entailed on my hands. Everything I touched will become a stone.” I felt good after saying it. I looked down, did not dare to look at her.”I had many collections of stoned people, pets, food and others back home. I almost made everything around me be stone. It was horrific I was afraid to eat and be around people since I was kids.”
“They only be back to their form once in a month. They were innocence. They don’t deserve to have it happened to them. I wish I could turn back the time I would not let that happen to me.”
You know that the only cure for that is that I must have children with the purest heart woman who love me dearly.” I palmed my face. My shoulder slumped. I was doomed. I mean how can I have children with her. Then, I felt a cold soft hand touch my arm. I looked at her and wish I did not do it. Her face was so wrinkle and old. She does not have anything to offer to me. I am stuck. I must live for the rest of my life with her. She shook her head.
“What?” I was confused. “What do you want to say.” Great, how can I communicate with her. Wait, she could partially see and hear me as long as I talk with her slowly and clearly.  So, I at least had a friend to talk with.
She then wrote something with her little tiny hand,” Don’t worry.” She touched my face and I felt something happened to me. Slowly, I saw my skin was getting more wrinkled. I become older! I looked at my face on the mirror. My face looked like I was 90 or so. I was so thin and wrinkled. Was it the cursed playing its toy over me? Or does she have the same as I am? I slowly turned my back to look at her. I rake at her frame. She still looked old but much younger. Do we share our ages? Well she looked like much younger than before. I could see the vibrant of life around me. I relieved. At least, at this phase, she can have my children.
“What happen?” she looked agitated and shocked. She looked at herself on the mirror and her hands closed her mouth. She gasped. I did not surprise. Well, the curse worked either way. At least if I could not survive she can live and be happy without worry about anything. Suddenly, my body was shaken. My heart was beating hard. My hair on the back of my neck stood up. My spine was stiffened. My knee buckled. I fall on the ground on my face hard I thought I would have wounded on my skin.


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