My grandfather was such a lovely man. Everybody loved him. Though he had already passed a long time ago, we still could remember everything he said and did as if he was still alive. Sometimes, I myself imagined to see the glimpse of his figure only to find he was already not here. I had something that I still kept to see when I missed him a lot. He and I used to play and watch things together. In my village, Kedaton Bandar Lampung, we used to have a traditional show that people called "wayang orang" which performed traditional legend of Ramayana. We enjoyed the show from midnight to dawn. He also often told me some stories about legend in his times. Then, he gave me his old puppet, semar. Semar is one of punakawan who portray as the wise man in the legend of Mahabrata, the traditional epic which transform my life. He, my grandfather said that Semar was the only person who could minimize the impact of war.
"Dear, life was a greatest battle ever. Your job was only to find out and manage when you have to fight hard or give in then live in harmony, "he said. I nodded and embraced his words until now.
I remembered one day when my grandfather visited us. It was bright and sunny day. He brought with him his piece of work, a craving small wooden chair for us to sit. It was a gift that we still enjoyed and loved. As we saw it reminded us his job as a builder as well as handy man. He, my grandfather could make everything with his hands such as table, chairs, cupboard, bed frame etc. He also could fix broken stuffs into its normal state.

Then he said what he wanted to said to her. It’s really hard to understand that everything which is inevitable happened to him just because of her. It is very ridiculous. He wanted to laugh.


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